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Department of Education Schools

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Hutchies has been able to capitalise on its modular construction capability for this ongoing contract with DoE, which requires the manufacture and installation of multiple modularised buildings for various schools throughout Queensland.

Modules are designed and manufactured to DET requirements on demand across three terrain categories and later installed by Hutchies on various sites as they are required. As these buildings are intended to extend capacity of existing schools, installation is conducted on live, operating sites, necessitating diligent sequencing and care for the safety of students, teachers, parents and visitors.

Modular designs include one and two story buildings built for a range of purposes, including: general learning areas, amenities, kitchens and specialist teaching. Construction includes a turnkey delivery arrangement incorporating all aspects such as carparks, etc. This ‘open order’ arrangement requires an agile approach to ensure delivery to specified locations and timeframes.

So far, Hutchies has completed 150+ individual modular projects with the Department of Education, and counting.