Moura Community Hospital

Moura Community Hospital

Moura, QLD


Queensland Health



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The $4.7 million Moura Community Hospital was a pilot project for Queensland Health, developed using a unique modular design.

The sheer remoteness of the site called for an innovative approach and precise sequencing to meet the tight 27-week program. This was achieved through the ability to overlap site work and modular construction of the buildings which was conducted in Hutches modular yards off site.

Installation of building services for the hospital was particularly challenging to ensure optimum functionality. The ultimate challenge was to provide a contemporary facility that looked and felt in-situ, but brought all the cost and program benefits of a modular installation. The success of this project will result in the rollout of 47 new quality community health centres across the most isolated areas of Queensland.

As the first modular hospital in Queensland, the health facility is a pilot project for Queensland Health designed and developed by Hutchinson Builders using the unique design and construction. Working in partnership with the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service and the Moura community, Queensland Health ensured the new facility included room for growth and was based on a model of care that worked with public and private services.

Joanne Gill

Health Infrastructure Branch